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Doing what you’ve always done might be costing you thousands.

Download your free E-Book today – Multi-Residential Projects in 2024: How to avoid the biggest issues facing the Australian building industry. It’s an industry analysis from TEXO for developers, builders, engineers, and architects.

Multi-Residential Projects in 2024:
How to avoid the biggest issues facing the Australian building industry.


If you’re considering a townhouse build know this.

It may seem that doing what you’ve always done is a safe solution.

Did you know though that new technology is now available at a similar cost to buy, but helps you meet increasingly stringent regulations, saves on other costs and solves trending industry-wide problems?

Ask yourself:


  • Find out the latest ways to save money on solving emerging industry problems.
  • Help to make more money on sale.
  • Achieve BCA compliance with these ideas.
  • Confidence you can defend your build quality with strict compliance records.



  • Reduce the puzzle of complying with open living space essentials in a small area.
  • Avoid the design restrictions that traditional technologies force you into.



  • Improve supply-chain resilience with better product options.
  • Discover upsell options that are little work for you.
  • Achieve an easier and faster install that does not disrupt your site access.
  • Remove the project management risks with training options for contractors. 


  • Take back to your client a more cost and time effective build solution.
  • Offer more environmentally conscious choices that improve build value.
  • Achieve compliance and approvals with less effort.



    A changing world of construction: How well are you placed?

    Trends in our Australian building and construction sector are making it harder to achieve project success.

    How are you placed to address these issues?

    1. Increasing level of governance and compliance on site.  
    2. New livability regulations set to make space even more critical.
    3. Changing expectations of home buyers focus on sustainable design principles.
    4. Shrinking block sizes means design innovation is needed to meet regulations and homeowner expectations.
    5. Tighter margins with supply chain and labour pressures mean savings need to be found in speed of construction and smarter product choice.


    These are the issues people in our building sector are facing in a tightening market.

    Astute people who are going to be successful are looking at these issues and finding better solutions to save costs and reap better market prices.

    To meet these new and difficult challenges in our building sector, DOWNLOAD E-Book today with our industry analysis from TEXO for developers, builders, engineers, and architects.


    We understand your concerns

    The building and construction sector has been hit with big changes in the last few years and adapting to these challenges is critical. We understand your concerns.

    • Supply chain resilience in the wake of unpredictable price fluctuations is difficult.
    • Homeowner expectations for affordable yet environmentally sustainable housing is hard to accommodate when dealing with shrinking land sizes and more strenuous compliance demands.
    • Construction timelines are blowing out with labour shortages and product supply delays.
    • Adhering to stricter government compliance has set higher standards for build quality assurance that takes more time and effort.
    • Margins are shrinking with industry costs increasing and uncertain land values.


    Our story

    The building community seems to stifle innovation. This has to change.

    Change is ever critical in light of new government compliance, supply chain, and labour pressures, reduced land sizes and home buyer expectations of sustainable building. Doing what you’ve always done might be costing you thousands.

    New construction problems are trying to be fixed by old ideas. These ideas are on the way out though, with solutions already available. It’s the earlier adopters that reap the rewards sooner.

    TEXO, an Australian owned-and operated business in Sydney, has tested and accredited some very clever new approaches and products.

    TEXO has been used by developers like Sekisui House and Frasers property on their masterplan communities in southwest Sydney.

    Would you like to know a little more about how you too can save on costs, achieve compliance, and improve on the saleability of the home?




    We have been delivering great service to our clients since 2005, and you can trust that we will support you with every product.

    TEXO helps you adapt to changing industry expectations, and compliance and supply chain pressures that are squeezing your margins.

    Our solutions support you to rise to these challenges to unite sustainable and affordable building design and construction.  

    With all our information, training and products we are there every step of the way to ensure our contribution to your project is a success.

    We come to your site. Take care of every detail. Make it easier.

    Our products are tested and proven. We meet the BCA and warranty standards every time.

    You can build with the assurance you have chosen right for the best townhouse project.

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