Regulations put bricklayers in the firing line

In the recent edition of the Masonry Contractors Association magazine, Bricklayers, CEO of masonry product and service suppliers MET, Jason Furness, explains how to sidestep risks to bricklayers caused by an increased focus on compliance to the building codes and standards.

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Regulations put bricklayers in the firing line

When a well-meaning run to the local hardware store for supplies could have huge consequences, things must change. A certifier or inspector could insist on pulling a wall down with greater compliance demands now on bricklayers.

Bricklayers are at the pointy end of the increased level of inspection and scrutiny designed to ensure that buildings are constructed to the relevant Australian Standards, codes, and other requirements.

The extra scrutiny at each stage of construction means that bricklayers now must take it upon themselves to know all the ins and outs of the regulations. They must ensure that they are receiving the correct documentation from the engineers or other specifiers for a project.

The consequences of being hit with a defect under the new rules can be hefty, with the prospect of major rework being hugely costly for bricklayers, builders, designers, and engineers who are already working on thin margins.



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Industry unsure about regulations.

With this increased focus on compliance the often-heard comment “I’ll just leave it to the brickie’ that has been used by both builders and engineers is disappearing, as it should! Each trade must adjust to increased accountability for not only complying to the codes and standards but having the record keeping and documentation to show that they have complied.

These new approaches need to flow to the details needed on documentation, through to quoting, and onsite job supervision. Guidance is needed for many who are exposed to making unforeseen errors merely because they are doing what they’ve always done.


The problem lies in quoting and materials selection.

Nowadays diverting from engineered plans by doing something as simple as a popping out to the local hardware store is where the problems arise. Sub-contractors need to demonstrate extra planning in supply chain management to appease their builder and guarantee them the right compliance documentation.

Costly errors are also common in quoting for work that has brick ties unsuitable for the location and type of project. The usage of galvanised ties in R4 zones is the most glaring example and it still occurs!


These are the issues people in our building sector are facing in a tightening market.

Astute people who are going to be successful are looking at these issues and finding better solutions to save costs and reap better market prices.

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Support needed to meet new standards.

Suppliers to bricklayers that have stepped up with more comprehensive support to guide bricklayers to meet standards have been welcomed by the industry.

MET have seen an influx of bricklayers, builders, and engineers, leaning on our commercially smart sales support staff who can help with the project leg work. They can research engineered plans, help deliver a project quote, and oversee supply chain management.

The full suite of masonry products enables a one-stop-shop approach to managing project supplies that takes care of all the documentation needed for proof of compliance. Site deliveries are also part of what we can do.



Of 200+ products, seven product types complete this range.


  • Builders’ straps
  • Cavity ties
  • Vertical expansion joint ties
  • Head restraint ties
  • Column expansion ties
  • Cavity expansion ties
  • Roof hold down straps

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MET: the full suite of masonry products and service


Founded after the Newcastle Earthquake, MET masonry products are stronger and trusted for quality. We have proudly Australian designed, made, and owned expansion ties, certified for the home to the tallest building.


As we offer the full suite of masonry accessories for the construction industry, we make it easier to build correctly, and more affordably. Our service team delivers on site, so you don’t need to leave. We meet your build scheduling and timing.


The MET difference is the ability to help ensure that you have a compliant design to be built. We work with you and the project engineers to solve the problems in delivering a build.

Engineers, builders, and bricklayers now need to be sure they’re using those products that can prove capability with all the right paperwork. Our sales staff are eager to support each bricklayer to review engineered plans, prepare quotes, and manage the entire supply chain. There is relief when products can meet a strict compliance record regime.


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